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History Of Palmetto Bay

The Village of Palmetto Bay is located in an area of South Miami-Dade which has included many cultures inhabiting the land for over 10,000 years. Paleo-Indians, Tequestas, Seminoles, Afro-Bahamians, and Anglo-Americans have at different times lived here; each new group literally following in the footsteps of the preceding one. The evidence left behind recounts the evolution of human housing along the Miami Rock Ridge, from stone cave dwellings to Mediterranean Revival style mansions.

A migration of Florida’s first settlers brought them to high ground along the shores of Biscayne Bay. In what is today the Deering Estate property, early inhabitants established a camp 10,000 years ago. In 1985, at the Old Cutler Fossil Site, archaeologists found human skeletal and charred animals remains from that early time. The site further contained fossilized remains from now extinct animals including mammoths, sloths, dire wolves, and saber tooth tigers. The Old Cutler Fossil Site represents one of the most important archaeological excavations in the eastern United States. Prior to its discovery within Deering, most thought human habitation in Florida dated back only 4,000 years. The sensitive artifacts were carefully excavated from the fossil site and are part of the archived collections at the Historical Museum of Southern Florida and the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville.


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