Kitchen remodeling is often a huge endeavor homeowner will have to take once in a while irrespective of the type and nature of home. Although it has its benefits and an impressive return on investment, kitchen remodeling doesn't come cheap.

Despite the fact one will have to spend a substantial amount of money to handle typical home improvements like kitchen remodeling, there are still a number of ways to save money according to home remodeling experts.

Having a floor plan should be your first step.

"A floor plan will save you on a lot going forward, and it is best to have a floor plan that fits your requirements. It will save you from making costly changes later, and it will help you save up even if you end up taking down your walls," he said.

Don't overlook essential life-safety improvements like ventilation

Flooring, tile, and lighting can save you on cash, and they add to the beauty of your home, she said

"Because of the various styles available, tiles can save you on a lot of money," she continued.

Ceramic tiles and Porcelain make good fits for your floor, and kitchen backsplashes .

Compared to hardwood flooring, tile offers a cheaper solution, and they offer a more viable option in the kitchen as water splashes won't easily damage them.

Rather than by from designer showrooms, get from Big-box retailers, Flak said. She further advised that folks that want high-end tile should look at placing such in a specific area, as it will help to accent the living space.

Attractive, and appealing lighting options are present at retail stores as compared to what you have at showrooms, they said.

"There are now more attractive lamps at affordable prices now than a couple of years ago,"

A good faucet should always be taken instead of a sink according to Darmoni. They will serve you well with optimal performance.

Two areas where the experts said homeowners could spend are countertops and cabinets. Going for a semi-custom cabinet will always be ideal. Rather than getting from a big-box retailer, you can get from a local supplier.

Semi-custom cabinets can be designed according to your home specs, and they can help you utilize your kitchen space as you ought to.

The three recommended a natural stone countertop than a manufactured style as they are more durable and more visually appealing. Granite, quartz, and quartzite are good choices.

They don't advise you get marble for your kitchen though.

"It stains very easily and soaks up water. Once a coffee stain gets on it, it doesn't come off," 

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