Carefully Selected Synthetic and Natural Materials

Vinyl flooring, also popularly known as resilient flooring, is a flooring material that’s created from carefully selected synthetic and natural materials. Today’s vinyl flooring is highly engineered with a combination of polymer materials.

Polymers are molecules that are made up of repeated structural units; this causes an increase in the durability & strength of the product. The construction of vinyl planks has changed over time, just as other products in different industries have incorporated better & modern technology, resilient flooring too followed suit.

Engineered vinyl planks have become a widely accepted alternative to traditional hardwood floorings.

The reasons aren’t far-fetched, engineered vinyl planks are more attractive and resilient, plus they’re cheaper.

Benefits of resilient vinyl flooring

• It is moist resistant, its impervious to stains, above all, it’s easy to clean.
• Resilient floors needn’t be waxed; the uppermost layers often come shiny
• Heavy traffic is not a thing to be worried about as they’re scratch resistant
• They’re resilient, flexible, and they do not break easily when heavy items are dropped on them.

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