=Wood flooring Miami design contest.

Companies that specialize in wood flooring Miami and in other locations sometimes engage in competition that’s supposed to engage competitors directly with each other instead of indirectly through their respective customer bases. Why would these designers and flooring trade members do this though? What do they have to gain from submitting themselves to these competitions? The answer is notoriety and a chance to show off your wares in a public manner that will prove to your competitors and their clients who the company with the best designs and practices are in actuality. Seeing is believing and that’s what these competitions accomplish.

These competitions can be regulated to allow a broad scope of people to participate or just singular industries that would succeed in making it a pretty niche competition. These competitions attract designers from all over the world usually so the chances of patrons to these designer events puts people from around the world in a position where they may have the chance to see something that they haven’t seen before.

In a capitalist system competition is good, you want as many chances to compete as possible in order for the best products to come to the surface and influence the products, how they’re produced and how they will be produced from then onward when exposed to the newest and greatest ideas. This is why competitions whether real or created can usually end up with advancements in whatever it is that people will do. Competitions give us an opportunity not just to beat and achieve things but it also creates the opportunity for us to learn and be inspired by out competition that ultimately result in better products or better run companies. Competition shouldn’t be feared it should be something that’s celebrated in all forms.

Sometimes the prizes for the winner of these competitions goes beyond a trophy and some recognition or even some prize related money. The best result that a company can achieve after engaging in a competition is perhaps the contracts for major deals that are floating around out there. That’s a large amount of motivation for companies to compete in these competitions if it can be the difference between their company getting contracts and jobs or not.

These competitions are fierce but when it comes to the wood flooring Miami competitions the competitions generally involve just that a trial to see which companies can produce an example of their work that they would consider a masterpiece or something that is one of a kind. They want to see something that exhibits your mastery when it comes to the wood flooring your company produces but also something that shows your company doing something that perhaps another company just can not do as well as you.

The competitions are open to any companies that want to throw their hat in the ring and potentially get all the prizes that come with winning. In this way the competitions allow even the people who a part of small companies to participate and stand as equals in craft next to the largest companies who are do similar jobs. Making it a general call to all those who do wood flooring Miami means not having to worry about the biggest companies drowning out their competition as they would surely love to do given the opportunity.

Scott Banda, Bostik’s Director of Marketing and Business Development stated, “Due to the widespread interest and amazing success of Design ‘N Gather, the international mosaic design competition which we co-sponsored last year and will have its Grand Prize Winner announced on May 4th of this year, we came up with the idea to have a somewhat similar event. However, having it featuring wood flooring as our key design element. Together with our partners, the National Wood Flooring Association, MGM Resorts International, Oshkosh Design and Eagle Bay Hardwood Flooring, we are openly inviting those within ‘the wood sector’ to get their creative engines in motion… this time, creating their very own, one-of-a-kind masterpiece using wood flooring.”

The creative design of the Grand Prize Winner will be considered by MGM Resorts for installation in the lobby of a new steakhouse located in Las Vegas’ new Park MGM resort, currently under development by MGM Resorts International and Sydell Group. MGM Resorts’ Monte Carlo property is undergoing a nearly $500 million transformation over the next two years to become Park MGM and The NoMad Las Vegas.  Additionally, the winner will receive an amazing trip for two to Paris, France, courtesy of Bostik.

Banda, who with Joyen Vakil, Senior Vice President of Design & Development for MGM Resorts International, spearheaded this program, added, “The winning design will be chosen by an esteemed panel of judges, all with leading credentials in wood flooring, architectural design or both. Those who want to take part in the competition must register, which is a FREE and easy process. It can be done by simply clicking on this link: bostik.com/us/ArtOfWood

“We are extremely excited about this contest for so many reasons!” exclaimed Michael Martin, President & CEO of the National Wood Flooring Association. “First of all, it’s great to be partnering with professional, high-profile people such as those at Bostik and MGM Resorts. And of course, we want to get our industry more involved with high-level architectural & design specification. Being an integral part of BOSTIK'S SIGNATURE SPACES™ - THE ART OF HARDWOOD FLOORING™ DESIGN CONTEST certainly sets our association in that direction.”

The hardwood floor ultimately installed will feature Bostik materials, including its much acclaimed Bostik’s Ultra-Set® SingleStep2, premium high-performance adhesive, moisture control and sound reduction membrane.

Vakil said, “Opening this fall, the new steakhouse will have a stunning design, complementing Las Vegas’ incredible culinary scene.”

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