Vinyl floors are high-quality products

that are manufactured to look exactly like natural flooring materials like stone, wood, and of course, tile. At Allfloors, we’re stocked with the best of luxurious vinyl floors in Miami; our vinyl is made to exacting standards and ten times better than traditional vinyl.

Recently there’s been some significant breakthrough in the vinyl manufacturing industry.

The composition of a vinyl floor plank:

1.    A regular vinyl is made up of about three layers; the uppermost layer is made of urethane which ensures that the plank is worn, scrape, and scratch resistance.

2.    Next, there’s a film layer that protects the vinyl against more profound damages like cuts and gauges. The second to the last layer is the design that makes a realistic print of wood.

3.    The last layer is called the backing layer; it’s about 91% of the plank. The last layer is responsible for giving the plank structure and strength.

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