Porcelain vs Ceramic Tile

Knowing the material, you want to utilize for your tiles, is an important decision you have to make before you go ahead purchase any tile of your choice. Two common types of tiles you will find in the market are porcelain and ceramic tile. Each comes with its own merit and demerits. Choosing between both can be a bit difficult because of their advantages, but we've made the decision process easy for you, by creating some useful tips and guides when it comes to both tiles.

Both are considered ceramic tiles because they are manufactured from a mixture of clay, along with other materials. The major difference between both is that porcelain tiles are comprised of finer porcelain clay, more than ceramic tile. They are also prepared at a much higher temperature than ceramic tiles.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is manufactured from red or white clay. Ceramic tile has more variety of color and design than porcelain tile. One gripe with ceramic tile is that when it is chipped, the clay beneath becomes exposed. The installation process for ceramic tile is easier and straightforward, and also, it is easier to cut as well. This is the reason why lots of DIY fanatics love it. It is pocket-friendly and affordable.

Ceramic tile is perfect for interior decors, most especially in areas that are not exposed to standing water such as kitchen walls, showers, bathrooms and so on. When buying ceramic tiles, pay attention to the quality, and ensure it meets with the required standard and specifications.

Porcelain Tile

There are two types of porcelain tiles; full-body color and glazed. Glazed shares similarities with ceramic tiles notably the pattern and color it derives from the layer of glaze used on the surface. On the other hand, full-body porcelain tiles, have the same color and pattern all through the tile. This helps to curb wear and tear on the surface. Porcelain tile is denser and durable than ceramic tile, and these two characteristics make it difficult to cut. The installation process of porcelain tile is a bit complicated; hence why it requires professional installers to handle the task. In terms of pricing, Porcelain tile is usually more pricey than ceramic tile.

Porcelain tile is perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic like the kitchen because it is denser and durable than ceramic tile. Another advantage of porcelain tile is that it is water resistant.

Installation process

Irrespective of the tile you purchase, it is essential you go through the manufacturers guide to know the installation process and direction of the tiles.

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