Mohawk’s Innovative AIRO: Revolutionary 100 Percent Recycleable Alternative to Traditional Carpet

Mohawk has introduced its revolutionary alternative to the conventional carpet. Considered as an important breakthrough in the carpet industry, the new Unified Soft Floorcovering (USF) is not only easy to install and easy to service, it is also completely recyclable.

Innovative Thinking

Mohawk Industries is giving consumers another innovative option in the soft flooring industry. The new Airo is an embodiment of Mohawk Industries goal of thinking differently and providing a completely new approach in carpet products.

Tom Lape, Mohawk Residential’s president said that the new Airo is not merely an improvement of an already existing line of products. Instead, it represents an entirely new completely recyclable flooring.

Airo is not constructed out of joined latex and fillers, the way traditional carpets are. Instead, it is made out of a simple construction using only one material in each of the carpet’s elements from the face fibers to the backing  features a straightforward two–part design joined together by a single polymer.

The PET fiber is constructed on a high–grade cushioned backing following a modernized tension–free process. This creates a new breakthrough flooring product which don’t easily delaminate and shuns wrinkling, and is easy and quick to install. It does not require additional cushion, power stretching or seaming iron, and no need for tack–strip at the edges. Remarkably, aside from its unique and elite performance, the new Airo is making waves as an environment–friendly, recyclable flooring option.

Easy Installation and Recyclability

Dubbed as the most sustainable flooring in the market today, Airo is not only made of 100% PET fiber, it is also literally 100% recyclable.

Airo is much easier to install and you can’t find one easily in the carpet market today. Made with flexible and lightweight materials, it is also easy to transport and maneuver. It also does not scratch and scuff the baseboards and walls. On top of all these, the fiber material is also great in eliminating odor inside the home such that the fiber material and the backing or cushion elements of the carpet won’t absorb moisture.

Airo is expected to change the way consumers experience flooring. Consumers can benefit from Airo’s easy to install, simpler to maintain, efficient performance, and environment sustainability. In fact, Green Label Plus has certified Mohawk’s innovative Airo as a family–friendly choice.

About Mohawk Industries

From its introduction of the SmartStrand 11 years ago, Mohawk Industries have proved to be the leader in the carpet flooring industry.

The company has been the world’s leader in developing products to enhance both residential and commercial spaces across the world. Their innovation has paved the way for the production of products that stand out and offer competitive advantage in the market such as ceramic tiles, rugs, hard wood, laminate, stone and vinyl flooring.

With operations across several countries around the world including the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, India, Europe, Mexico, Russia, and Malaysia, Mohawk is one of  the largest today in the flooring industry. Flooring retailers are already enthusiastic about the launching of the new Airo and its impressive potentials.

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