How to install hardwood floors

Over the past years, the rise of hardwood floors hasn’t gone unnoticed. They are fast becoming a popular type of wood floors, perfect for both residential and commercial settings. Hardwood floors comprise of real wood that has a plywood base. Typically, hardwood floors are the preferred choice to vinyl floors, laminate floors, and other solid wood floors due to its durability, longevity and stability. The plywood base gives wood stability, and it also keeps it in place for years to come. We've prepared the following guide on how to install quality flooring on your home;

Select the right wood that fits your style

When picking a hardwood floor, it is vital you put into consideration you and your family's lifestyle. Cherry woods offer a softer feel, but they are susceptible to dents, and scratches. Acacia wood, on the other hand, is harder and can withstand more roughness. Also consider the amount of traffic in your home, as well as the number of kids and pets you have.

Preparation work

The essential part of the installation process is prepping the concrete floor, and wood. Ensure you allow your new wood flooring to acclimate in the open for a duration of 2-3 days in the room where the installation will take place. Don't store flooring in basements or other humid areas, as this might cause it to avoid moisture, which will ultimately cause it to shrink during installation.

Ensure you have the complete list of all the supplies and materials you need.

Clean the concrete slab, and sweep any dirt or residue from the floor. A smooth surface will give you the perfect platform to carry out your installation process.


The installation guidelines usually come with the hardwood floor when you purchase it. If you can't install it yourself, you can call an expert installer to help you with the process. Ensure you have everything in place for the installation process. As earlier mentioned, make sure the entire floor area is thoroughly clean, and you have the tools, supplies, and materials ready.

Maintenance of hardwood floors

Vacuum and sweep the hardwood floors daily. This will stop the accumulation of any dirt or debris most especially on the surface, and in between the planks. Although hardwood is moisture resistant, continuous exposure to it may lead to severe damages. Minimize the use of harsh detergents and wax based cleaners.

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