Jennifer Adams Answers; Should the Kitchen floor and floor for living areas match?


My Kitchen/Dining room/Living room is an open floor. It looks good, and for a while now, we've lived with it. It is just that while there is dark wood everywhere, there is light-colored tile in the kitchen. The wood floor is something I like a lot, and I was wondering if it can go into my kitchen? Although my husband is a bit apprehensive about it as he insists that the heavy traffic on the wood due to the presence of our dogs and kids will wear it out in time. We basically are a kitchen family.


Both of your suggestions will work just fine. It is a common sight to see wood floors in kitchens. But one thing you have to account for is if the floor will withstand not just the heavy foot traffic, but the water splashes, dropped utensils, spilled food, and so on.

Wood floors come in different varieties, and there are some that will hold on much better than others. You should check the other areas of your home with wood floors, precisely places with heavy traffic like near doors and see how they hold up. If the wood is in great shape, then you can install that same wood in your kitchen, but make sure you place mats, carpets, and rugs in areas close to the sink and stove.

If you have the budget, you can do an entire floor redo of your home to achieve a more uniform look. Tiles can be a good option, especially those that look like aged wood. You can use area rugs to accent the living spaces and make it more presentable.

You can also select a tile for your kitchen which shares some similarities with your wooden floor. Although it might be difficult to get the same matching color, you might get a similar tone with a slight difference in shades. Also, make use of a tile border that is close with the wood tone to help with cohesion. You can use area rugs to accent the living spaces and make it more presentable.

Hope these answers your questions. Goodluck

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