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Advantages of carpet tile

Carpet tiles are not just stylish, they also have this hint of fun about them, and not to mention they are also durable and versatile. They are an exceptional fit for playrooms, as well as family rooms. You can even utilize them as a makeshift stylish area rug. Carpet tiles are easy to install, and this makes it the perfect DIY project. Over the past couple of years, carpet tiles have been growing in popularity, and although they are still a long way from being as popular as hardwood, one can bet that in the coming years, both will be on equal footing.

What are carpet tiles

Carpet tiles or carpet squares are a collection of square carpets that fit together. They usually come in the following measurements; 12x12" (smallest size), 18x18" (medium size), and 24"x24" (largest size). We've highlighted some of the advantages of carpet tiles below;

Easy installation process

The entire installation process of carpet tiles is easy that you can practically do it yourself anytime any day.

Visually appealing and attractive

Carpet tiles are usually colorful, and they offer a great platform for you to express your creativity. You can select them according to your taste. They look amazing in a kids room or even a family room. Use it to add flair to your home.


Carpet tiles are pocket-friendly and more affordable than other carpet options. You can handle the installation yourself, and save yourself on labor cost and other logistics.

Maintenance and replacement are easy

Carpet tiles are very easy to clean. You can easily wipe off stains and dust using a vacuum cleaner. If any of the tiles are damaged, you can easily remove them, and replace them with other tiles. This allows the carpet tile to last longer than the standard carpet.


Carpet tiles are designed in such a way that they can withstand heavy foot traffic in both commercial and home settings. They are also suitable for large homes with kids and pets.

Offer good resistance to moisture and water

The way carpet tiles are designed means they can withstand any damages caused by minor moisture for a considerable amount of time. The tight weave and backing mean shaw commercial carpet tiles give you much better coverage than other carpet types. 

They are better suited for indoor use

Carpet tiles provide a warmer and more affordable alternative than hard surfaces, and this is part of the reason why most property owners prefer them. Because carpet tiles are low pile and flatter, they accumulate less dirt, thus making them ideal for indoor use.

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