Flooring Products are Now Made up of Recycled Materials by Mohawk Industries

If you browse online, you might see a 2016 sustainability report about the use of recycled materials for flooring. This report was released by the Global Floor Manufacturer called Mohawk industries. The company is located in Calhoun, Georgia.

The report contains a comprehensive detail of the company’s desire and efforts to have sustainable products in the flooring industry.

The CEO and Mohawk Chairman Jeff Lorberbaum stated that in 2016, the company has enjoyed a certain level of success. However, financial success is only one of their goals. They aim to recognize the impact that the company has in all of the business aspects, whether it is for the environment or for their clients. Aside from the company’s passion and commitment to serve its customers better, they are looking for innovative ways to make their products better.

If you look at the year 2016 on the company’s report, there have been a lot of reengineering and upgrades that happened on that year. As a result, the company has seen a growth in its revenue for approximately $140 million. These savings are a result of making products that impact the environment in a positive way. There were innovations that used less intensive energy and there’s a significant reduction of carbon as well as paperless processes in the administration.

The company currently recycles about 7.1 billion pounds worth of products in a year. They have also reduced their water usage by 277 million gallons starting from the year 2017. They were able to lessen the intensity of greenhouse gases by 12.8 percent. The water intensity was also reduced by 35 percent starting from 2010. The company has recycled over 5.4 billions of bottles and turned about 25 million pounds of tires to doormats.

Many of these achievements came from the company’s aim to continuously make the environment better. They were able to find alternatives to decrease the garbage and the wastes that the company produces in a year. There is also a detailed approach on how Mohawk has improved on its vinyl flooring plant in Belgium. There are parts in the report where the company tackles the global pollinator crisis are being tackled on the company’s carpet tile plant that is located in Glasgow, Virginia. There is also a mobile recycler located in Alabama, Tennessee, and Texas that produces approximately 30 tons of metal scraps in an hour.

The Mohawk sustainable report has covered everything from how they were able to save a few million dollars through waste management and how they have produced quality tiles and floor products through innovative approaches.

Some of their portfolios included their Aero, EverStrand, Moduleo, and SmartStrand projects. They were able to ensure that every product helps the environment. They hope that their project can make other companies start to contribute to more productive work and environment-friendly designs. The good news is that the whole report is available online. 

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