Company Spotlight: Mohawk Industries

Here is a company spotlight description of Mohawk Industries that is one of the most successful industries in 2017 for the flooring industry. The financial marketing system has been unstable and volatile market due to the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States in 2016. There were seven brokers that choose a strong buy, nine brokers that want to buy, and four brokers that were completely neutral or could not make their mind to buy or reject the shares from Mohawk Industries and finally there was no brokers who wanted to sell shares.

Stifel Nicolaus choose a buy category for Mohawk Industries that was mentioned by the financial accountants at MKM Partners. The Mohawk Industries has a price of $255 dollars for the stock on April 13, 2017. Mohawk Industries received a buy rating from Instinet. There was a $280.00 dollar target price for that stock on April 11, 2017. This is a chronological timeline of when Mohawk Industries was rated by the brokers from 2015-2017. Next, the Barclays financial analyst gave an overweight rating that had a targeted price of $272 dollars on March 20, 2017. Macquarie, which is the top broker give a great rating of outperform to Mohawk Industries on December 16, 2016. There was a stock target price of $235.00 dollars. On December 5, 2016, there was a rating of outperform that was given to Mohawk Industries by RBC Capital with a $248 United States dollar target price for its stock.

Evercore ISI also gave a unique buy rating to Mohawk Industries for an astounding $252.00 US dollars for the stock on November 15, 2016. Bank of America Merrill Lynch, another huge financial broker gave a huge buy rating for Mohawk Industries at $235.00 dollars for stock target price on October 12, 2016. On September 28, 2016, Mohawk Industries received an incredible market perform rating from Wells Fargo, a top financial broker. Mohawk Industries on August 9, 2016 received a buying rating. Goldman Sachs on July 6, 2016 gave a great rating of buy for Mohawk Industries. This is impressive. Mohawk Industries received a hold rating from Topeka Capital Markets. It had a $185.00 dollar stock target price. JP Morgan gave a neutral rating to Mohawk Industries by the financial analyst. It was priced at $215.00 dollars for the stock. It was on March 15, 2016. Raymond James gave Mohawk Industries a strong buy rating by the financial analysts. The stock target price is $201.00 dollars. It occurred on February 23, 2016. There was a hold rating given on November 9, 2015 by the financial analysts at Cantor Fitzgerald for Mohawk Industries.

It is incredible that Mohawk Industries is loved by all of the major brokers in the United States and all around the world. It had a 231.24 average for fifty days and 212.65 for two hundred days. Mohawk Industries fifty two week low stats are 175.52 and a 241.02 high. Mohawk Industries currently has a 17 billion stock market capitalization. It currently has 484,729 total shares on the market.

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