Recent developments in flooring has given traditional styles a new face 

Guess what’s making a return?

Flooring over the years has undergone a series of evolution from the ancient cement filled floors to more conventional flooring like terrazzo and encaustic patterns. New houses have adopted new flooring patterns and reinvented traditional styles. A quick view on top trending pins featured on Pinterest reveal that people are coming up with new innovative ways to infuse retro styles to modern floors – from mid-century furniture to Crittall like style windows and doors. It is only natural that flooring trends are taking the same route by going down memory lane and adopting the parquet.

The Parquet is serious staging a comeback, with its sleek new looks. While there nothing entirely new about wooden floors, parquet floors on the other hand is witnessing some sort of revival as new sophisticated and elegant styles are being introduced by a lot more people in their homes.  Their styles are evergreen and gives a classy look whenever they are employed.

Below are three beautiful depiction of the parquet style


Want to break away from the norm? Why not try something similar to Haywoods and mix your flooring patterns by creating one-time styles across the entire floor. The chevron collection contains shinny whites (Boreas) which creates a strong impression when mixed with porcelain white to give an out of the world look, something really unusual. You could decide to try something darker by using weathered tones for a country side vide.


Dissatisfied with your out of the box flagstones and parquets? You have nothing to worry about as Amtico has elevated flooring up a notch by making use of 4 laying design pattern which were added to the luxury assortment of vinyl floors. You can get a wide variety from AllFloors One


Indusparquet is the number brand when it comes to South American floors, it has a proven reputation of producing top quality parquet floors.

Its new range of product assortments contain a wide array textures and colours. You can find them readily available in the United Kingdom from Wood stock flooring.


The Parquet has gone blond. Floors with blond looks tend the create a perception that very small rooms are more spacious than they really are, they have the ability to light up the room and make them feel more comfortable than you would naturally imagine them to be. It is ideal for the Scandi and countryside styled houses.

Made using durable mango wood, the product assortment is made from blonde parquet which includes a redesigned console table, in addition to the coffee table.

With its herringbone designs, the wooden panels were made to continue the parquet trends in new homes. Each table consists of minimal hairpin legs with different matt black colour coated finish.

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