Interface releases its premiere Vinyl Tile Assortment

Known for its world class carpeting solutions, Interface recently released its new hard flooring package, Level Set. Known over the years for its magnificent carpet tiles, the company has decided to take it a step further by going the tile route.

Its new Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) assortments provides building developers an opportunity to develop a textile like design on floors and they can be used on a wide range of buildings floors.  The tiles where designed to look a lot like reclaimed, distressed and bare natural substances that have the same ruggedness as commercial tiles.

Matt Miller, the president Interface Americas, says that there has been a rise in concentration on consistent design in the building industry and this has led to as similar increase in the demand for flooring that combines both hard and soft products, in addition to fitting perfectly into a modularized design system. He went on further to stress that Level Set takes into cognisance its customer’s desire for a flooring that combines the durability, affordability and functionality of an LVT with the looks of natural products thereby producing a floor that combines perfectly a blend of soft and hard flooring to present a unified feel and look.

Level Set contains an assortment of over thirty six different styles comprising of both natural and textured stones and woodgrains. Level set tiles were designed in a way that it fits perfectly into Skinny Planks, manufactured by interface. This gives customers the capability to combine different products hand in hand without the need for layering materials. In addition, the new planks have been made to fit the same thickness as the carpet tiles so that floorings and be combined perfectly without potential tripping hazards.

Other interesting features of Level Set assortment includes; ceramic bed coating, easy install, made from recycled materials, a fifteen year warranty, and sound-absorbing capabilities.

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