Floors For Living

Best floors for living rooms

One space in the entire home that endures lots of heavy foot traffic is the living room. So, if you are looking for floors for living room, you have to factor in several parameters. You need to look at the number of people in your home, the heaviness of your furniture, the number of pets and children you have, and lots more. Having all of these details will help you pick the right flooring option for you.

The first place to start

Carpets do not belong in the living room. This might sound a bit strange to most, but it is the truth, most especially when you have kids and pets moving around in their numbers, and also if your living room has lots of foot traffic. Except you have the patience to vacuum almost every day, carpets shouldn't be in your living room. It provides the perfect platform for dirt, allergens, and dust to hide. Rather than using carpets you can use;

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring offers the perfect balance between durability and visual appeal. It can withstand anything your pets, high heels, and furniture throws at it. It is wear, scratch, and stain resistant.

Laminate hardwood style flooring is also easy to maintain. You can select from a variety of options, depending on your taste and style. The price is also pocket-friendly, and less expensive than solid hardwood flooring.


Hardwood flooring is perfect for those who like a plain and simple outlook. It is the definition of longevity and durability as it can last you for years to come. Although it is not scratch resistant, any scratch on it can easily be repaired. It can also absorb noise, especially for those in a large family.


Vinyl flooring is a high-value flooring style. It is durable, and it can be installed in four different ways. Vinyl flooring offers you the waterproof option, as well as kid-safe, and pet safe options. DIYers will love Vinyl flooring as three of the four installation methods are DIY-friendly.

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