Many people love animals, many also enjoy having nice floors. Which is why sometimes these two things come into conflict with one another. Cats and dogs can sometimes be plain disastrous when it comes to floors you are thinking of getting installed or floors that you already have. They can leave scratches, dents and get dirtier than you’d expect a floor to get by another human family member. All of these things have in common that they are usually regarded as unsightly additions to the landscape of the floor.

If you are considering any wood flooring Miami or anywhere else but also are dealing with the fact that there may be animals around in any sort of capacity you might want to inform yourself on the best ways to protect your precious floor from our lovely domesticated.

Whether you love dogs or not you’re going to want to install flooring that can actually stand up the dents and scratches that are almost guaranteed to come with the furry territory and wood flooring companies won’t be able to save you forever. If you want to go with the rock like options such as tile, concrete or stone for your flooring you will definitely check off the boxes for durability and general strength but if you are looking for something that is at all comfortable you might be looking for a different option when it comes to this particular flooring decision. Some of the best things about this flooring is that when it comes to maintaining this type of flooring is the ease of which it can cleaned up. Pets that are being trained on where it’s acceptable to relieve themselves would deal with these floors the best. Think of dogs who shed almost uncontrollably and how easy it can get to be cleaned up with stone. It’s also ridiculously easy to clean up moisture in general. Some of the most definite cons are obvious such as the flooring being hard and perhaps even uncomfortable on a long term basis for any animals that spend a lot of the time laying on the floor. Not only that but the stone flooring can also be quite cold which is something else that would contribute to an animal being uncomfortable.

You can mitigate some of this by getting heated floorboards or getting rugs and using beds built for pets so prevent the worst of the cold from your pet.

There’s also laminate that can be great when it comes to pets once again because of the ease of cleanup compared to other types of flooring. It’s easy enough to sweep and mop away the worst that some pets have to offer and on top of that it resist moisture and is great for stopping the basic scratches and scuffs that come from the nails of most conventional pets that you may want in your home. Some of the cons are maybe not what you would expect but laminate is actually a pretty slippery surface for pets and some have trouble actually maneuvering because of the texture or lack there of for some laminate flooring. Getting textured laminate is a great way of limiting this problem for your furry friends.

If you really want to get hardwood flooring while having pets there are options but the advice for this means limitations on they type of wood flooring that you can get. The beauty of hardwood doesn’t always last up to the damage that a pet can do simply by being a pet. Some types of woods just don’t stand up to pets at all and the moisture that pets can leave around can mess up the flooring if they aren’t cleaned up pretty immediately.

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