Porcelain vs Ceramic Tile

Ceramics Company in Italy Forecasts the General Trends of Tiles

The Ceramics of Italy organization predicted that more people will look forward to high-quality, colorful marbles, and playful patterned-tiles in 2019. These trends might already be present in 2018 but many companies have already planned lots of innovative changes that are coming this year.

The association of the Ceramics of Italy is composed of leading Italian tile manufacturers. In fact, hundreds of these companies gathered together and discussed the changes that the industry should take in order for the styles to meet clients’ expectations. There are already outlines in place and the need to dominate the architectural landscape is the association’s main goal.

Here are some top tile trends that you should look forward to:

Surfaces with Neu

In 2019, the sizes and patterns of natural stone tiles are evolving to give a sense of variety and inventiveness to clients all over the world. The producers are able to exceed expectations when it comes to new designs, textures, finishes, and other aesthetics that provide functionality to the consumers.

The two neu-surfaced tiles that were able to stand out from the crowd were the Vallelunga Cava and the Ceramica Sant’ Agostino Lakewood. The European finishes that these tiles bring can be compared to those ancient cathedrals that never go old.

Improved Tile Systems

The manufacturers are expanding in their products and they now have a lot of colors, sizes, and finishes that can complement any trims and decors of any homes. Companies now realize the importance of thickness when it comes to tile applications and they have upped their productions from the usual 3 millimeters to the 12-millimeter dimensions.

Play Features

Italian tiles do not skimp when it comes to three-dimensional looks. There are a lot of variations that will come out this year including illustrated cartoons, popular Lego brick tiles, and other playful designs. Two such companies rose to the top when it comes to these kinds of tiles including the Marca Corona Bold and the Del Conca Felix the Cat.

There are tile companies that constantly adapt their patterns, colors, and sizes in order for easier surfacing. The company Ornamenta is one of these companies who printed designs on the tiles on Pantone colors.

Lunar Tiles

With the common stone varieties such as statuario, Carrara, and travertine, many of the manufacturers today go to some parts of the world in order to find new quarries of marble. The full color of marble adds to the look that they can manipulate when manufacturing the tiles.

There’s even the Vetrite collection that introduces the beauty of thirteen gemstones that are captured in a lunar setting. The stones are pressed in giant glass slabs in order to improve their beauty. The alabaster and the elegant materials are responsible for creating a nighttime sky elegance inside the client’s home.

Aside from these, there are a lot of other trends that many tile lovers should look forward to. The improved versions are already being rolled out this year and many people should be able to see some of them at their favorite stores.

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