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A New Emerging Revolutionary Alternative when it Comes to Carpeting: Mohawk’s Innovative Airo

There was a press release published in Calhoun, Georgia that made the headlines on April 2017. The news is about an innovative system when it comes to carpets which is the soft floor covering of Mohawk’s called Airo. This new carpet is very easy to install, accessible, can be used anytime, and it is completely recyclable.

The Mohawk president, Tom Lape, said in an interview that the Airo leverages in the Niaga Technology which uses soft flooring technology. This is what consumers are looking for. The United Soft Floorcovering is what made everything different because the carpets became recyclable after its introduction.

One of the most sustainable floorings today aside from Natural Stone is the Mohawk Airo. It is very sustainable, the performance far exceeds customers’ expectations, and it can impact the economy differently.

The design is composed of a single polymer and the two-part design is very simple. The flooring is all fiber and it is constructed using tension-free technology. It was also created with premium cushions that result in stable floors.

The vice president of Mohawk, George Bandy, said that the company is now turning into sustainable channels because of environmental concerns. Aside from being a sustainable option, the company has made sure that the product is revolutionary, performed more than its counterparts, though, and does not easily wrinkle. The faster installation is also an advantage and it does not need any additional cushions.

Bandy also added that because Airo is very simple to use, it can be recycled to another Airo material after the carpet’s used. The carpet has to face fibrous elements which make the material reusable again. This is considered a full loop when it comes to recycling products.

The Airo carpet has been awarded the Green Label Plus and has received numerous certifications as well. This is because it has a family-friendly vibe and it is a great choice for most households. Other people can also note the absence of the smell that is traditionally associated with new carpets. This is because any moisture on the carpet is absorbed by the fibers, cushion, or backing. This results in an odorless home.

The general manager of DSM-Niaga, Josse Kunst, said that it is a great honor for him to work with Airo during its launching. He believes that the new carpet innovation will change how other retailers and manufacturers view the carpet industry. The vision is believed to expand more than the carpet industry since the company is looking for opportunities in other channels for more sustainability and innovation.

Lape added that the retailers will be able to see the easy installation, simplicity, easy maintenance, soft surface, sustainability, and the better performance that this new carpet provides. The company has spent about 4 years developing the product. The company was able to change the carpeting industry more than a decade ago because of SmartStrand. With the launch of the Airo, many believe that this new product line can actually solve a lot of environmental problems.

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