Understand hardwood wood floor problems and causes.

Miami residents have benefited from the education on hardwood afforded to them by Allfloors . The seasoned company has had its footing in Miami for 20 years now, where it has provided hard wood floors, and hard wood floor refinishing to great success.

"We don't just install a new floor and leave the homeowners to themselves, we take it upon ourselves to offer a series of tips that will ensure the customers get the best out of their hard wood," says the expert. He goes on to say, "there are lots of problems that can damage hardwood floors, as soon as these problems are isolated and treated, then the hard wood will serve you for years to come. We take it on ourselves to educate homeowners, so they have the required knowledge to handle certain tasks themselves or know the right questions to ask when they want to hire a professional to handle any problem," he says.

Two common problems faced by Hard wood floors are Bleed Back, and Pin Holes.

Bleed Back problem and solution

This is a common problem observed on hard wood floors. It occurs as a result of excessive stains seeping up through the gaps between floor boards. Common causes include; excessive heat, excessive stain application, high pigmented stain, and Knot or burl areas. A solution for this comes in two folds; before the finish is applied and after the finish has been applied. If it is the former wipe off the extra stain and even the stain color and then allow the stain to dry before running another coat over it. For the later, carry out a complete re-sand of the entire floor. You can also utilize the services of a professional flooring company to help you with the task.

Pin Holes problem, and solution

Pin Holes share close similarities with fish eyes especially when it comes to their sizes. Pin Holes are as a result of a coat of finish applied on another coat that is not fully dry. The solvents try to push through the finish forming on the new coat, creating a pin hole on the finish.

The solution is to ensure ample time is given to the previous coat to dry. If you are a DIYer, you should adhere the manufacturer's directives for drying time and spread rates. "To ensure your hardwood keep their beautiful appearance and are protected, you need to do proper research or hire the services of a professional. With that, you won't have to encounter any of these problems," says Allman.

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