The research on the use and the market of fibreglass flooring has become a big thing in the year 2017, because of its increase in uses and demand. This report shows information provided by the main companies or manufacturer that are a part of this research boom.

These companies are as follows:

IVC Group


Armstrong World Industries


Mannington Mills

Shaw Floors


NOX Corporation

The research that has been compiled and used is the research from not only the specs of new fiberglass flooring products that have been recently installed. But also from historical specs on the products as well from flooring that has been installed for a longer period of time.

Fiberglass flooring also known a vinyl sheet flooring (It has a fiberglass backing) has seen an increase in users across the globe with sales going up almost 30 percent in the last few years. So this type of flooring is something to take a look at across the board of all of its information. This low-cost high-quality flooring is being used in many ways from commercially to home and everyday use. This flooring much like felt back flooring which was highly popular for many years is an easier product to use for all. Fiberglass flooring is flooring that is meant to lay loose, sometimes with a bit of glue to hold it in place but most of the time the flooring just fits right together and into your space and stays there. The benefit of fiberglass flooring that you don't have to heavily glue down the product. With this being the advantage of fiberglass flooring it means that it is easy to move and relay if needed. With this loose lay technology that is available on fiberglass flooring, it opens up your options. Making it easier to design and also makes it easier to install for those of you who like to do it yourselves. So if you have a problem or are moving but don't want to lose your beautiful floors then it's not an issue to take them with you or make sure that they are places where they need to be.

However, if you want to know everything about the flooring you are installing like many people do then this research report is something that you should be interested in. The report is here for you to know about everything you need to know about the flooring going into your space.

There are many things Covered in this report giving you a well-rounded view into the world of fiberglass flooring. This shows research and study of the products from around the world.

The report touches on the following:





Product types



Geographical use



Investment returns


Market attractiveness

The report you can see at shows all the important fact of the fiberglass flooring products. So before you lay down your new floor take a look at the research so you really know that this is the right product for you.

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