New wide plank hardwood floor is now a part of our inventory

We have added a new wide plank hardwood floor to its inventory. The Utah based company offers a wide range of low-price tile, countertops, rugs, and a discount on hardwood flooring. As a way to diversifying its collection, the company recently announced a new wide plank hardwood flooring, which provides customers with another set of options.

The company specializes in amplifying the beauty of any home through an extensive array of natural hardwood flooring. Our company gives customers a serene environment via which they can make their choice on the supplies they need. Homeowners are usually spoiled for choice as to which materials they can choose from.

Strip floors are now a thing of the past, as wide plank hardwood floors are now taking over. The hardwood floors bring in the sense of sturdiness, tradition, quality, and charm. Wide plank floors are the new trend, and they are sweeping across most homes.

Gone are the days when wide plank hardwood floors were considered a rich man's commodity. With the advent of technology, new and improved ways are being birthed to make the flooring affordable to homeowners. The introduction of the engineered hardwood into the market has made hardwood accessible to more homeowners. It consists of a composite base layer acting as a support base for the real wood veneer sitting on top. The composite layer provides durability and strength. The engineered hardwood is more environmentally friendly.

Our company had this to say about the wide plank hardwood flooring, "We are happy to have this stylish wood option for our customers to enjoy. They cost less than the solid wood option, and offer more in terms of performance."

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