About twenty five million pounds of tyres and five billion pounds of plastic bottles are recycled annually by Mohawk Industries.

Mohawk’s sustainability report for 2016 shows the effort the company has putting to ensure that its products are manufacturing processes stays sustainable.

According to the company’s CEO and Chairman Mr. Jeff Lorberbaum, the success the company recorded in 2016 were not only in their finances but also in other areas like the impact the company is making by enhancing sustainability practices. This he feels reflects the company’s passion and commitment to continually elevate the ceilings of sustainability practices with the introduction of new and innovate ways to manufacture and deliver products for its users. This he feels this is the ideal way to go, if they want to be considered as being a futuristic company.

The company was able to save about One Hundred and Forty Million US dollars as a result of changes and upgrades that were made to product re-engineering, process improvements and equipment upgrades. According to Lorberhaum, the magnitude of such enormous savings show just how much streamlining your production and manufacturing process by simply purchasing top class equipment that reduces carbon emission to meet environmental standards goes a long way in saving time and eliminating waste.

Key highlight from Mohawk’s report reveal that the company;

  • Manufactures doormats from twenty five million recycled pounds of tyres.
  • Recycles about seven billion pounds products annually
  • Of which five billion of these products are plastic bottles
  • Implemented some drastic cuts like;

o Reducing the amount of water consumed by over two hundred million when compared to the previous year

o Reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) concentration by 13%, water concentration by 35% and Energy concentration by 2% from 2010 figures.

A lot of Mohawk’s success in the area of sustainability is as a result of Mohawk’s continuous drive to reduce non-environmental friendly substances from its operations and production processes. The report explains in details how the company is adopting environment friendly measures to cool water at its flooring plant located in Belgium; it also shows how the Virginia and Glasgow plants are handling the worldwide pollinator crunch; and how their ceramic plants in Texas, Alabama and Tennessee are making use of a mobile recycler to recycle over thirty tons of waste material every hour.

Other information contained in the report includes how Mohawk’s range of products make use of sustainable technology. Over four hundred and fifty product manufactured by the company for example, porcelain, mosaic, and ceramic are made from pre-consumer recycled content and also contain post-consumer recycled content. In the same vein, other company products are manufactured using recycled chips and wood fibre obtained from sustainable materials.

Below are a list of some sustainable solutions from Mohawk;

  • Moduleo: Mohawk’s vinyl luxury tile flooring makes use of over twenty thousand tons of PVC meant originally meant for the landfills converting them into backing substances.
  • The EverStrand carpets makes use of recycled plastic bottles.
  • Airo is manufactured entirely from polyester that has been recycled.
  • SmartStrand carpets are manufactured with polymers that are renewably sourced and are manufactured with less energy that when compared with fibres.

Most people spend close ninety percent of their time within the four walls of a building, this is why Mohawk has a responsibility to make sure their products contribute to making productive, health, and inspirational work spaces. These were the words echoed by George Bandy the vice president sustainability at Mohawk. He went on further to reiterate that the company is constantly seeking ways of improvement. This he says drives their five pillars; operational excellence, innovation, design, sustainability and project solutions. These pillars are adopted across board from their entire factories all over the word to their lab design centre in Georgia. The message is the same, there is always a better way to do things.

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