Sustainability Report shows that companies are leveraging the innovation to attain its sustainability goal

The sustainability report released recently shows that hardwood flooring companies are making progress, passion, and commitment towards sustainable practices. These companies have also been known for its stance for a better tomorrow, and the report illustrates why the company is the pioneer for sustainable technology in the flooring industry. Lorberbaum speaking said, "we do not only measure the success of our company with financial results alone, but we also access our company's performance by the positive impact we have on the world through the various aspects of our business. Each and every of our sustainability practices

One of such companies is Mohawk, and the chairman and CEO, Jeffhighlights our commitment, passion, and drive for the people and the world. We are not stopped by any boundaries, hence why we always strive to ensure our products and processes make the world a better place. All in all, we believe in a better tomorrow, hence why we are investing in it."

Most hardwood flooring companies have updated their processes, re-engineered their equipment to meet up with the demands of sustainability. All of these has ensured that the productivity of these companies has increased considerably. The size of these savings show how effective the various projects of the company are, and each one of them is delivering an environmental benefit or the other. Some of the projects include the use of top quality equipment that is energy efficient, produce little or no carbon emissions, and also save time and reduce waste

Most of the company's achievement in sustainability can be narrowed down to the company's continuous strive to reduce the environmental footprint of its operations, processes, and products. The reports show some of the company’s eco-friendly approach to combating global pollinator crisis, to a sustainable approach to cooling water, and lots more.

Some of these companies like Mohawk industries are global leaders in the flooring industry. Their products are centered on providing comfort for people on both residential and commercial environments. Some of the key giveaways from the reports include;

  • Recycling 5.4 billion plastic bottles annually
  • Recycling 7.1 billion pounds of waste a year
  • Reducing water usage by 277 million gallons
  • Recycling 25 million pounds of the tire into products like doormats.

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