How many of you have worked for a company that has been stable for a long time finally decides to cut back on hiring employees and eliminating jobs? I have been in this situation where I was laid off at a couple of my previous jobs because the company was downsizing. It has happened to many other people besides me. Mohawk Industries recently made a written agreement with the Beaulieu carpet plant company, which was eliminating 300 jobs every year. Beaulieu was losing employees, cutting jobs and losing money. Mohawk Industries signed a purchase agreement with the former Beaulieu carpet company in Jackson County, Alabama to help them sell its unsold carpets and rug collection merchandise and save the Beaulieu plant from total disaster.

President Brian Carson who directly represents the Mohawk Industries company is excited with the plant's team members. Carson wants the newly purchased Beaulieu plant in Alabama to grow tremendously along with producing top quality, high technology carpets and new rug collections for consumers. Jackson County officers in the city government applaud the recent purchase of the Beaulieu plant by Mohawk as a smart business move that avoided more jobs to be lost and more employees to be laid off and filing for unemployment benefits in Alabama. The Bridgeport plant in Alabama is the second largest plant that announced in January 2017 that it would close. Mohawk Industries is a top rated company that has pumped more money and resources into Jackson County, Alabama with their recent purchase of Beaulieu plant.

The Mohawk Industries will make a major impact on the Jackson County population in Alabama. CEO Shelia Shepard, who is the Jackson County

Economic Development Authority president made a bold statement that three hundred or more jobs will return to the Bridgeport plant in a matter of time. The Bridgeport plant was built in 1987. Shelia Shepherd envisions that yarn fiber for carpets will be produced during the transition period for the Bridgeport plan. The officers and corporate people of Beaulieu plant predict that only 15 to 20 workers will remain on the job until March 2018. There is currently an ongoing search for a new buyer for the Bridgeport plant with the help of local Bridgeport officials, economic development agencies and utilities and government entity programs as well. They have started a vigorous campaign to find the right buyer.

Mohawk plans to pump new money into the Bridgeport plant to make significant changes in buying new equipment and renovating the building in its efforts to increase and attract a growing workforce along with expanding the plant's manufacturing capabilities. Mohawk Industries has added former workers from Beaulieu plant to work at the Bridgeport plant along with heavily recruiting new people to work as well. The fiber plant rebirth has shown a huge increase in economic growth in the city of Bridgeport, Alabama. The population is currently at 2,400 people. The Bridgeport factory is known to produce the finest polyester and nylon fibers along with creating cabling and heat set as well.

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