On June 2nd, 2017, Shaw floors has advertised the launch of a new collection. The Collection that is being realized to the public will be in the LVT line, the new product will be known as Floortè Pro. Shaw Floors says that this is the first product in the LVT line with direct glue rigid core, with acoustical pads for less noise distribution and it also makes the product more comfortable to walk on. The company has a patent pending for this new technology. This Flooring which was only known for its large commercial use because of its durability is now changing. It is a product now becoming available to everyone, it will be an option for people to have in their homes, and small businesses, or anywhere of their choosing.

The company known a Shaw Floors is dedicated to expanding the use of this technology, they are designing more products that will meet many needs for their retailers and also for the everyday users of this product. They will achieve this by working with their everyday customers, and also commercial users of the items. Floortè PRO is designed to meet the needs of multiple businesses. This product is been tested to withstand heavy traffic and long time use. This product is for those consumers that are concerned about resilient products that will stand up to the test of time.

Floortè PRO is a product line from Shaw Floors that will not only have a glue installation process but also have the more well known or Traditional click installation that makes it easier for everyday installs without having to wait until the glue dries if that is the option that you want. With the Click to install option, you with still have all the same features and advantages that you would receive with the direct glue formation of the new product.

Floortè PRO is a vinyl flooring product, the great thing about this product is that you can have a wood look in an area where wood is not recommended, such as your bathroom laundry room and entry way because of traffic, water, and many other reasons. However vinyl flooring offers more than just a wood look there is also and the option of stone, and tile textures and colors, so your options are really endless. This type of flooring is also very easy to clean just a quick sweep and spray down with a hard surface cleaner and wipe with a cloth, and you have clean floors again. So maintaining this product is easy for anyone.

This Product is not only easy to maintain it is also simple to install. Flootè PRO will not only come in planks but also tile format and with many styles and types offered it is the right flooring product for anyone who is looking to update from the old to the new and improved. It will stand up and endure the harshest environments and be easy to maintain after the amount of abuse that this flooring can receive.

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