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Flooring Company

Flooring for the Most expensive apartments in the world Some of the top Apartments in the world today have passed the level of providing just comfort for you. More luxurious apartments are tailored to give occupants beautiful scenery, conducive environments, breathtaking views, a plethora of ... Read blog >

Tile Flooring

The rise of tile flooring

The floor is one part of the house that is very vital but yet, most people quickly forget its vitality. From the living room to the kitchen, dining, and even restroom, each part of the house requires a unique floor or the other, most especially those places that usually ... Read blog >

Tile Flooring

Mohawk Industries Sustainability Report shows

Sustainability Report shows that companies are leveraging the innovation to attain its sustainability goal The sustainability report released recently shows that hardwood flooring companies are making progress, passion, and commitment towards sustainable practices. These companies have also been ... Read blog >

Flooring Miami

Laminate Flooring Miami

What is laminate flooring? Laminate flooring is now a common household phrase, and every now and then most owners utilize this technique of flooring to add aesthetics to their homes and offices. If you are wondering what laminate flooring is, you've come to the right place. Lots of people ... Read blog >

Wall Tiles

Walls that Can Be Amazing Inside Your Home

Walls that Can Be Amazing Inside Your Home If you can make your walls livelier and more colorful, there’s no reason why you should settle with boring decors inside the home. An accented wall may be what you are looking for. The accents can be great statement pieces that will make your house ... Read blog >

Flooring Companies

Recreational Centers and Flooring Companies that are Interested in Innovation

With a lot of manufacturers in the flooring industry, it can be a daunting task to choose the right company for you. The Prominent University has A Flooring Company which is very well-versed with the right flooring and is willing to meet up with other companies to discuss ideas and sustainability ... Read blog >

Porcelain vs Ceramic Tile

Flooring Companies in Miami

Knowing the material, you want to utilize for your tiles, is an important decision you have to make before you go ahead purchase any tile of your choice. Two common types of tiles you will find in the market are porcelain and ceramic tile. Each comes with its own merit ... Read blog >

Tile Flooring Company

Porcelain Tile vs. Ceramic Tile

When designing a dream home, homeowners are often stuck at a crossroads in deciding which flooring material to use of their bathroom, sitting room, kitchen, and other parts of the house. The final choice usually comes down to porcelain tiles, and ceramic tiles as ... Read blog >

How to Make your Home Bigger

with the Help of Format Tiles with Large Designs

A lot of homeowners may face some kinds of challenges when it comes to their home designs. If they have tiny rooms, they might want to enhance the overall look and feel of the space by trying to make it bigger. If your ... Read blog >

Hardwood Flooring

How to install hardwood floors

Over the past years, the rise of hardwood floors hasn’t gone unnoticed. They are fast becoming a popular type of wood floors, perfect for both residential and commercial settings. Hardwood floors comprise of real wood that has a plywood base. Typically, hardwood ... Read blog >

Installing Hardwood Flooring

How much to install hardwood floors?

Most homeowners prefer choosing hardwood floors than any other types of floors for apparent reasons. Not only is it visually appealing, but it is also durable, and long-lasting. Although it doesn't come in cheap, the value you will ... Read blog >

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Serving South Florida since 1979
At Allfloors One, you get the personalized service of a FAMILY business, in our 43rd year of business. Co-owned by Michael and Vicki Henry, Allfloors One joined a buying group, a cooperative with over 1000 stores worldwide, in 1986, we were member #44. Having left the group after 36 years, we have still maintained our relationships and excellent strategic pricing from all of the major manufacturers such as, Shaw Industries, Mohawk, Coretec, Dal Tile, Florida Tile, Happy Floors, Emser Tile, MSI, Tesoro, and so many others.
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